It’s a disaster

first_imgTarzana Getting deeper Re: “Villaraigosa promises to fix L.A.’s problems while calling for a revolution in education” (April 19): The mayor’s “I believe” covered everything except the reformation of the Santa Monica police and Berkeley school system. Parents, teachers, students and business should be the primary voices in seeing goals for the schools. The mayor and his appointees are not the answer. Why is he placing the burden of funding these apple-pie dreams and infrastructure and curing the gang problems directly on the property owners in lieu of a – God forbid – tax on all citizens? All that I see and hear is a man desiring higher political office and making promises, some extending six years down the road. The hole that he is digging is getting deeper. – Ira Kaplan Woodland Hills Dream on, Mayor Mayor Villaraigosa is “committed” to ending deficit spending while still hiring more police, fixing gridlock, housing the homeless, cleaning the air “and more.” When he asks us to dream with him, he isn’t kidding. – Patrick Weir Chatsworth Retaining officers So our mayor wants to raise trash-collection fees for more police. What about the 1,000 police-officer vacancies we now have that have been previously funded? Will we then have 2,000 funded vacancies for cops but no takers? It seems to me that the problem is retaining Los Angeles Police Department officers. The LAPD trains them at about $100,000 each; after a year or two, they go to other cities with greener pastures. Why not have potential trainees sign a contract stating they will stay with the LAPD for five to seven years? If they breach the contract, garnish 25 percent of their wages from their new employer to repay the LAPD for their training, as we do to those who do not pay child support. I am willing to bet the grass will not be so green with the new employer. – Richard Doyle Granada Hills Presiding `decider’ Inasmuch as he initially ran as a self-proclaimed “uniter” and not a “divider” and has recently declared himself to be “decider,” should Bush henceforth be known as the “presider” of the United States? – Marshall Barth Encino Presumed innocent Re: “Pedestrian laws not really funny” (April 18): John Smith’s smug pontification shows contempt for “peds” in general and Mayvis Coyle in particular. Mayvis Coyle, who employs both Kelly and Smith, deserves better from her public servants. Coyle is also entitled to the presumption of innocence. The ticket Kelly issued is a mere allegation, which Coyle denies. She deserves her day in court and is presumed to be not guilty in the eyes of the law. Smith and the Los Angeles Police Department have invaded the province of the courts by publicly proclaiming Coyle guilty as charged. This is outrageous and unworthy conduct on their part. If John Smith is typical of LAPD leadership, we have a very great problem indeed. – Jim Nolan Los Angeles Presumptuous Re: “Pedestrian laws really not funny” (Their Opinions, April 18): John Smith failed to grasp the gist of the news article regarding Mayvis Coyle. The reporter stated that the “Walk” light was too short, not allowing ample time to traverse a four-lane street. Smith’s commentary presumes that Mayvis was crossing against the “Don’t Walk” light. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Last week an LAPD officer died while going through a red light doing 80 mph. While Smith needn’t remind us of the dedication our officers have toward our community, remember the adage about “people in glass houses.” – Max Duran Acton Tagged again So Angelenos are in an uproar again over plans to increase the garbage fees, causing homeowners to shoulder the burden to pay for services in Los Angeles? Where were these people when the county’s one-half percent sales tax proposal was on the ballot? That measure would have created a solid (and significant) funding stream for the county and the city, and the burden would have been carried by anyone who steps a toe within the county and makes a taxable purchase; yet it failed to pass. Instead, homeowners get tagged again because many failed to see the big picture and voted against Measure A – or didn’t even bother to vote at all. – Maria Acosta Lake Los Angeles Clowns in office Re: “Activists protest zoo plans” (April 18): So, Councilman Tom La Bonge is among the few who approve of spending millions of our tax dollars on what will still be a confined habitat for the L.A. Zoo’s elephants. I wonder what the condition of the streets, sidewalks and trees are like in his neighborhood. Probably pretty good. And there are the others who want to have more of our money to hire 1,000 more cops and to supposedly “fix” the streets, even though we already pay for those things. Isn’t this typical? The clowns in office won’t fix the broken machine. Saying all will be better, they just finagle more dollars from the worker bees to throw at the problems. Will this ever stop? – Dave Petterson Sherman Oaks Better threat I say let’s stop the petty threats toward the Iranians. Just leave them be. Let them build a nuke or two. But make it absolutely clear to them that, if even one of their bombs is ever detonated in the United States, we will send a nuke to every major city in their country and send them back to the Stone Age. If they are stupid enough to explode a nuclear weapon in this country, then they deserve the hell we will unleash upon them. – Gary Haskins Eagle Rock160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventValley Glen Not the Inquisition In view of Cardinal Mahony’s resistance to following the law, I think he should be reminded that the church does not have authority over the laws of the land. This is not the era of the Inquisition, when the church made life and death decisions regarding how people lived and worshipped, and punished them for not obeying. I think that there is a law against obstruction of justice. Does it apply to members of the clergy? – Marilyn Minkle Re: “It’s NoHo’s turn” (Editorial, April 17): What is happening in NoHo is a disaster. It will destroy, not enliven, this neighborhood by bringing hundreds of new people spilling hundreds of cars onto North Hollywood streets. Don’t believe the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and “smart-growthers.” Residents near transportation hubs still spend most of their travel time in cars. “Hip” doesn’t mean “healthy.” Poor quality of life is not “family-friendly.” Density bonuses don’t create a renaissance. The editorial calls this “one of the few areas still affordable to young working couples and families.” So why bring in developers to replace interesting historic homes with banal apartments and to see property values “take off,” creating even more unaffordable housing? – Richard Hilton last_img