first_imgFINN Valley AC’s Gerard Gallagher was first home in Friday night’s Brockage 6k road race.Almost 180 runners took partAll the results are below: Brockagh 6k 2013Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 217 20.04 Gerard Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C2 275 20.18 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A C 3 345 20.51 Shane Mc Nulty SM Finn Valley A C4 184 21.02 Sean Mc Gettigan SM Finn Valley A C5 285 21.45 Kieran Carlin M40 Finn Valley A C6 276 21.49 Ciaran Toner SM Letterkenny A C7 357 22.00 Oisin Gallen JM Finn Valley A C 8 167 22.11 Jude O’ Donnell M40 Individual9 307 22.28 Patrick Penrose JM Finn Valley A C10 359 22.43 Paul Murray SM Finn Valley A C11 174 22.46 Tom Thomspon M40 Finn Valley A C 12 199 23.10 Dominic Bonner M50 Finn Valley A C13 192 23.15 Catherine Whoriskey SW City Of Derry14 191 23.21 Peter Lilburn M50 City Of Derry15 329 23.25 Jack Mc Bride JM Castlefinn Running16 361 23.30 Patrick Mc Glynn SM Individual17 165 24.09 Michael Penrose M50 Finn Valley A C18 197 24.11 Noleen Porter W40 Finn Valley A C19 264 24.26 Eugene Gallen M40 Individual20 170 24.36 Tony Gallagher M40 Finn Valley A C21 259 24.41 Stewart Mc Gee SM Individual22 278 24.45 Kay Byrne W50 Finn Valley A C23 284 24.55 Sean Paul Byrne M40 Finn Valley A C24 282 25.11 Gerry O’ Doherty M50 Essex25 295 25.26 Alan Catterson M40 Finn Valley A C26 169 25.38 Martin Anderson M40 Finn Valley A C27 218 25.40 Tony Murray M60 Individual28 173 25.48 Sean O’ Leary M50 Finn Valley A C29 291 25.49 Paul Mc Gee SM Rosses A.C.30 292 26.04 P.J. Friel SM Individual31 333 26.10 Andy Scanlon M40 Finn Valley A C32 279 26.14 Martina Hegarty SW Individual33 274 26.17 Patrick Gallagher M40 Individual34 190 26.20 Noreen Bonner W50 Finn Valley A C35 198 26.25 Miriam Bonner W40 Finn Valley A C36 344 26.28 Sharon Black SW Letterkenny A C37 277 26.46 James Mc Guire M50 Finn Valley A C38 277 26.46 Paddy Hannigan M50 Individual39 304 27.01 Marie Harper SW Finn Valley A C40 175 27.10 Pat Mc Crudden M60 Finn Valley A C41 172 27.18 Mary Hipsley W40 Finn Valley A C42 303 27.23 Eugene Mc Ginley M40 Individual43 309 27.35 Gerard Mc Glynn SM Individual44 223 27.37 Owen Coyle M50 Rosses A.C.45 300 27.39 Michael Mc Keown SM Individual46 225 27.49 Sarah Byrne SW Finn Valley A C47 254 27.49 Conor Mc Gonagle M40 Finn Valley A C48 152 28.20 Ashlean Mc Geehin SW Finn Valley A C49 196 28.21 Noel Duffy M40 Individual50 193 28.26 Jackie Harvey W50 Tír Chonaill A C51 146 28.29 Kathleen Gallen W40 Finn Valley A C52 280 28.31 Gloria Donaghey W50 Finn Valley A C53 315 28.37 Stephan Ward SM Individual54 341 28.43 Gerry Marley M40 Individual55 188 28.43 Sharon Hamilton SW Finn Valley A C56 224 29.01 Vera Haughey W50 Tír Chonaill A C57 168 29.08 Paul Whelan SM Individual58 302 29.25 Sean O’ Donnell M50 Individual59 356 29.37 Seamus Gallen M40 Individual60 153 29.49 Evelyn Mc Geehin W40 Finn Valley A C61 150 29.59 Maria Boyle W40 Finn Valley A C62 308 30.23 Lisa Mc Glynn SW Castlefinn Running63 331 30.38 Packie Bonner M40 Individual64 255 30.58 Marie Mc Gonagle SW Finn Valley A C65 348 30.58 Francesca Patton SW Individual66 158 31.01 Gretta Marley W40 Finn Valley A C67 339 31.01 Karl Houston M40 Castlefinn Running68 363 31.11 Courtney Mc Glynn Walker Individual69 200 31.34 Marcela Mc Crea W40 Castlefinn Running70 321 31.37 Charlie Mc Monagle M40 Individual71 160 31.38 Kevin Gibbons M40 Individual72 154 32.03 Elaine Grant SW Finn Valley A C73 227 32.27 Martin Mc Cormack Walker Individual74 189 32.27 Sean Bonner M50 Convoy Running Club75 30 32.47 Mary Martin W60 Finn Valley A C76 281 32.49 Grace O’ Donnell SW Convoy Running Club77 185 33.08 Laura Duncan SW Castlefinn Running78 186 33.08 Richard Duncan SM Castlefinn Running79 145 33.26 Helena Mc Menamin W40 Finn Valley A C80 143 33.26 Jennifer Pearson SW Finn Valley A C81 148 33.27 Dympna Mc Ginty SW Finn Valley A C82 43 33.52 Paula Jansen SW Finn Valley A C83 159 34.06 Ann Marie Gibbons SW Finn Valley A C84 296 34.24 Ronnie Mc Bride M40 Castlefinn Running85 373 34.28 Barry Duffy M40 Finn Valley A C86 204 35.09 Valerie Mc Guire W50 Finn Valley A C87 316 35.09 Cathy Ward Walker Individual88 163 35.09 May Ward JW Individual89 164 35.14 Aíne Ward JW Individual90 283 35.17 Margaret O’ Doherty W50 Essex91 187 35.28 Ann Marie Reylonds W40 Individual92 310 35.28 Catriona Gilligan SW Finn Valley A C93 149 35.42 Tina Mc Glynn SW Finn Valley A C94 360 35.44 Paula O’ Donnell SW Finn Valley A C95 330 35.46 Dympna Bonner W40 Individual96 195 35.49 James Boyle M60 Finn Valley A C97 177 35.50 Jessica Martin JW Glenfinn98 332 35.52 Marie Gallagher SW Finn Valley A C99 288 35.54 Catherine Browne JW Individual100 68 36.17 Nicola Kee W40 Finn Valley A C101 342 36.43 Shaun Marley Walker Individual102 144 36.50 Hilary Pearson W50 Finn Valley A C103 226 37.01 Kevin Mc Hugh M60 Finn Valley A C104 358 37.52 Eireann Gallen JM Finn Valley A C105 299 38.05 Mary Byrne W40 Finn Valley A C106 294 38.05 Audrey Crawford W40 Finn Valley A C107 293 38.06 Annmarie Lynch SW Finn Valley A C108 374 38.33 Mary Penrose W40 Finn Valley A C109 147 38.48 Frances Wilson SW Finn Valley A C110 340 38.51 Patrica Houston SW Castlefinn Running111 287 38.56 Reece Furey JM Individual112 222 39.26 Ciara Molloy Walker Individual113 343 39.28 Drren Marley Walker Individual114 250 39.29 Daniel Furey Walker Individual115 162 39.39 Matthew Gibbons JM Individual116 253 39.54 Fionnualla Mc Bride W40 Castlefinn Running117 328 39.54 Fionnualla Mc Bride W40 Castlefinn Running118 349 40.03 Karina Mc Meniman SW Individual119 362 40.37 Oisin Mc Glynn JM Individual120 151 40.47 Sharon Scanlon SW Finn Valley A C121 166 41.46 Rosemary Connolly W50 Finn Valley A C122 305 42.44 Siobhan Morrow JW Individual123 161 42.57 Amy Gibbons JW Individual124 265 43.39 Finian Gallen Walker Individual125 179 43.56 Lauren Martin Walker Glenfinn126 334 43.56 Ann Griffin W50 Individual127 251 44.46 Rachel Furey Walker Individual128 269 44.47 Marty Martin Walker Glenfinn129 289 44.55 James Browne Walker Individual130 262 44.59 Bridín Gallen W40 Individual131 372 45.52 Amanda Duffy W40 Finn Valley A C132 263 46.13 Erin Gallen Walker Individual133 181 48.06 Yvonne Boyle JW Finn Valley A C134 182 48.06 Janine Boyle JW Finn Valley A C135 286 48.16 Mary Furey W50 Individual136 313 49.47 Shaun Ward Walker Individual137 312 49.50 Odhran Ward Walker Individual138 252 50.43 Fionnualla Woolton W40 Individual139 178 50.47 Emma Martin Walker Glenfinn140 318 50.50 Nadia Mc Monagle Walker Individual141 228 50.53 A Furey Walker Individual142 354 51.22 Deirdre Moy SW Finn Valley A C143 322 51.39 Michelle O’ Connor SW Individual144 256 51.39 Josephine Gallagher SW Individual145 347 51.39 Margaret Bonner W40 Individual146 306 52.29 Rosaleen Mc Gonagle W60 Finn Valley A C147 258 52.29 Eugene Drumm M50 Individual148 221 52.31 Mairead Molloy W40 Individual149 320 52.31 Marie Mc Monagle W40 Individual150 220 53.21 Michaela Gl;ackin Walker Individual151 176 53.22 Kathleen Martin Walker Glenfinn152 210 53.23 Noreen Mc Ginty SW Individual153 317 53.25 Deirdre Ward W40 Individual154 376 53.35 Hannah Mc Gowan JW Finn Valley A C155 375 53.35 Andrea Mc Gowan SW Finn Valley A C156 207 53.49 Mickey Moy M60 Individual157 171 53.50 Breid Coyle W40 Individual158 298 53.50 Mary Mc Granaghan SW Finn Valley A C159 194 54.20 Grace Boyle W50 Finn Valley A C160 371 54.20 Bridgeen Doherty W50 Finn Valley A C161 314 54.38 Rosemary Ward Walker Individual162 271 54.38 Jackie O’ Meara Walker Glenfinn163 268 55.33 Síle Martin Walker Glenfinn164 219 55.33 Michael Glacken M40 Individual165 261 55.44 Roisin Glackin W40 Individual166 180 58.49 Alicia Boyle SW Finn Valley A C167 183 58.49 Justin Boyle JM Finn Valley A C168 257 59.16 Donna Gallagher Walker Individual169 353 59.23 Liam Kelly SM Individual170 270 60.07 Kathleen Martin Walker Glenfinn171 290 60.07 Eimear Browne Walker Individual172 355 60.07 Ciara Moy JW Finn Valley A C173 352 60.07 Grace Kelly Walker Individual174 350 60.37 Carmel Kelly Walker Individual175 267 60.59 Eddie Moy Walker Glenfinn176 319 61.00 Margaret Mc Monagle W50 Individual177 260 61.00 Mary Harkin W50 Individual178 301 61.00 Charlie Mc Elwee Walker Individual179 266 81.20 Graham Mc Ginty Walker GlenfinnTotal Runners: 17923 August Page 6 of 6 RESULTS: FINN VALLEY’S GALLAGHER WINS BROCKAGH 6K was last modified: August 23rd, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new 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Gone but not forgotten: Notable Bay Area residents who died in 2018

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.)Several notable Bay Area residents passed away in 2018. They come from all corners of the region and all walks of life. The one thing they all have in common is the legacy they leave behind. Here are their stories.Leon Fox, Jan. 4: The longtime judge presided over cases in Santa Clara County Superior Court for decades. He was 77.Priscilla Elder, Jan. 7: The onetime “Rosie” who worked at the Kaiser shipyards …last_img

Energy efficiency programs: state by state ratings

first_imgCalifornia is Best; Wyoming is WorstWest coast, Northeast, and Lakes states fill out the top 10WASHINGTON, DC — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has ranked all 50 states for the quality of their energy-efficiency programs and policies. California received the highest ranking; in descending order, the next best states are Oregon, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.Maggie Eldridge, an ACEEE research associate, noted, “The top-ranked states are demonstrating great leadership in promoting energy independence with cost-effective energy-efficiency investments.” ACEEE scores states on the quality of their utility-sponsored and state-sponsored energy-efficiency programs, their building energy codes, their appliance efficiency standards, and the energy efficiency of public buildings, among other factors. At the bottom of the list, in descending order, are Arkansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennesse, Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alabama, and Wyoming. For more information, visit the ACEEE website.last_img read more

Separatist leader told to appear before ED

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate has served fresh summons on Kashmiri separatist leader Shabir Ahmed Shah in connection with an alleged terror financing case, as he did not turn up for recording his statement last month.Mr. Shah has been asked to appear before the investigating officer on June 6. He was earlier told to come on May 25, but he did not turn up. Money launderingThe money laundering investigation pertains to a case registered by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police in August 2005 when it had arrested one alleged hawala operator, Mohammed Aslam Wani, who purportedly disclosed that he had routed ₹2.25 crore for Mr. Shah and his kin. The Separatist leader has, in the past, dismissed the charge, terming it politically motivated.The “hawala” operator was arrested with a large cache of ammunition and ₹63 lakh in cash, which he allegedly received through his contacts in the Middle East. During questioning, he allegedly disclosed that ₹50 lakh was to be delivered to Mr. Shah and ₹10 lakh to Abu Baqr, a Jaish-e-Mohammed area commander in Srinagar.last_img read more

Ind vs Eng: Praveen in ugly spat with fans, says a report

first_imgIf injuries and back-to-back Test defeats were not enough, the Indian team’s tour of England has taken another disastrous turn as pacer Praveen Kumar reportedly got into a spat with fans after the practice match against Nothamptonshire.According to a report on the website pakpassion. net , large groups of Indian fans encircled the visitors’ team bus as they attempted to make an exit from the County ground.While most of the banter directed towards the players was good natured and in support of the Indian team, as it had been throughout the day, things turned ugly shortly before the team bus departed.Praveen reportedly charged out of the team bus with a bat in his hand.He apparently had to be restrained by teammate Suresh Raina as he lunged towards a group of supporters. Praveen could be seen pointing at a group of fans and had to be restrained by stewards.The website reported that it did not stop at that and medium pacer Munaf Patel left his seat to complain to stewards that the fans were being disrespectful to him and some teammates.”Munaf was seen speaking to the stewards and pointing towards the fans and asking stewards to intervene in the issue.stunned fans looked on at the bizarre events, not long after Munaf went back to his seat, Praveen once again leapt out the team bus and made a charge for the same group of fans who he had attempted to lunge towards him a few minutes earlier,” the report said.advertisementThe stewards once again had restrain Praveen as he hurled abuse and pointed at one particular fan. Raina once again played peacemaker and brought Praveen back to the team bus.It was then the turn of the Indian security manager come face to face with the young fan as another verbal exchange ensued. Once again the stewards had to intervene just as the incident was about escalate. The young fan was dragged away by stewards and taken out of the ground.- With inputs from PTIlast_img read more

Cabinet reshuffle: Who said what

first_imgHere are the reactions on the big bang Cabinet reshuffle:”I am in awe that I would be working with the PM… As I see it is a far younger cabinet.”- Salman Khurshid,External Affairs Minister”The reshuffle will definitely have a good impact. The responsibility & challenges of elections cannot be undermined…- Harish Rawat,Water Resources Minister”Besides my leaders, I owe my elevation to sportspersons, their coaches and sports journalists.”- Ajay Maken, Housing & Poverty Alleviation MinisterTelugu superstar Chiranjeevi, on the other hand, threw a party for his supporters at Andhra Bhavan to celebrate his induction as MoS (independent charge) tourism. “I am going to be among you much more now and we will work together for our state,” he said to his supporters.- K Chiranjeevi,Tourism (MoS Independent)”My priority is to improve the health of the ministry, both physically and financially.”- Pawan Kumar Bansal,Railway Minister”We (youngsters) have been given the responsibility and now it is our job to stand up to those responsibilities and expectations through hard work.”- Jyotiraditya Scindia,MoS for power (Independent charge)”The prime minister has brought younger people into positions of responsibility. The reshuffle is a good mix of younger people, experience and talent.”- Kamal Nath,Urban development minister with additional charge of parliamentary affairs”The message is clear from the reshuffle – it is continuity with renewal. Performance is the key criteria but certainly we are looking at the elections 2014 and we would work to highlight the achievements of the government.”- Manish Tewari, Information & Broadcasting (MoS, Independent)advertisement”The reforms introduced by Shri Kapil Sibal meant well and were forward looking and sensible. We need to build a (political) consensus for these (proposed) changes. That’s the job at hand.”- M M Pallam RajuHRD Minister”Making a difference to the lives of youngsters, to my mind, is a very important job. In order to take advantage of the demographic dividend, we will have to educate and equip the young population with skills.”- Shashi TharoorMoS for HRD Ministrylast_img read more