Catch-22 of tracking down new leaders

first_imgCatch-22 of tracking down new leadersOn 11 Nov 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Leadership,like football, is a funny old game. England boss Sven Goran Eriksson told apacked auditorium at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’sannual conference in Harrogate last month that his former right-hand man, SteveMcClaren, was “the best coach I have ever worked with”. YetMcClaren’s record in the hot seat at premier league Middlesbrough has been farfrom spectacular. His side finished last season in mid-table and has made apoor start to the current campaign, despite having a reasonable amount of cashto spend on players. Timewill tell if McClaren can put things right; although with football’s managerialmerry-go-round spinning ever faster, time might not be on his side.Whatthis example neatly illustrates, however, is the ability-performance paradoxthat exists in all organisations: highly talented individuals don’t alwaysdeliver as leaders. Some fail because their emotional intelligence doesn’tmatch their IQ. But the main reason is that talent alone cannot compensate fordeep-rooted organisational dysfunction. CIPDresearch shows that high-performing organisations are those that find asuitable blend of management systems, HR practices and human relationships.Successful leaders have the knack of identifying the blend and encouragingtheir people at all levels to pursue a strategic purpose or vision, sometimescalled an organisation’s ‘big idea’. Leaderswith the knack cannot be easily identified by their formal skills orperformance in specific jobs. Many top football managers – including Eriksson,Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson – were players of limited ability.Similarly, many people in other walks of life have excelled as leaders, despitetheir apparent prior limitations.Thiscreates an intriguing market dilemma as stiff competition for the limitedsupply of identifiable winners causes executive salaries to soar. It istherefore vital that organisations seek more effective ways of spottingleadership potential and, in particular, nurture potential from within.AsUS management guru Jim Collins told CIPD delegates in his keynote address –based on research published in the bestseller Good to Great – outstanding chiefexecutives are usually internal appointments. Recruiters should not be swayedby personal charisma but look instead for individuals who are quiet,self-effacing and ambitious for the organisation above purely personal advance.Somewill question Collins’ championing of the modest leader. The ejection fromoffice of the hapless former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith is anobvious heresy against the Good to Great credo. Few would argue that ‘the quietman’ had what it takes to lead a major political party – great leaders usuallyhave a bit more personal ‘oomph’ than Collins suggests. But Collins is surelyright to challenge the widely-held view that charismatic or maverick leadersalways perform best.  ByJohn Philpott, Chief economist, CIPD Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

General Internal Medicine Physician – RISN Program

first_imgValid NJ medical licenseCDS and NJ DEAMD or DOBoard certified Rowan University, a comprehensive state-designated researchinstitution, is only the second in the country to offer both M.D.and D.O. medical degree granting programs.Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine has a FacultyPractice Plan that serves approximately 200,000 patients throughoutSouthern New Jersey.The Department of Medicine has 10 training programs with over 80house staff encompassing Internal Medicine and subspecialtytraining.The Department of Medicine is interested in a candidate whowill support our mission and vision both clinically andeducationally; who will provide and manage direct patient care atour RowanSOM Sewell outpatient clinical offices located in theSouthern New Jersey area, and have a special interest or experiencewith patients with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities who holdthe following: Additionally, the candidate will have the opportunity toparticipate in faculty development. Highlights include: Opportunity for collaborative research with faculty andresidentsBeing part of a dynamic team committed to excellence in patientcare and educationComprehensive benefits packageCompetitive salary Applicants need to submit an online application along with a letterof interest and curriculum vitae as a single PDF document.Our main clinical campus is located in the Philadelphiametropolitan area approximately 8 miles from Philadelphia, 1 hourfrom the Atlantic Ocean and 2 hours from New York City.Rowan University values diversity and is committed to equalopportunity employment.All positions are contingent upon budget appropriations.Advertised: Oct 14 2020 Eastern Daylight TimeApplications close:last_img read more

Phish Closes Out Fall Tour With A Stellar Saturday Night [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images On Saturday night in Las Vegas, Phish landed a knock out in the fourth round of their instant classic Halloween run. Each night has been more inventive than the last and has set a new expectation for America’s favorite Vermont-based Scandinavian prog-rock aficionados.“Moma Dance” opened the final evening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena the same way it kicked off the tour in Albany’s Times Union Center just over two weeks ago. The Story of the Ghost track found Trey Anastasio coming in hot–playing with a carefree and kickass attitude. “Kill Devil’s Falls” was up next and found its way onto a setlist for only the third time in 2018. After one dance tune and one rocker, “Roggae” produced a tranquil, thought-provoking vibe to the room as Page McConnell layered his grand piano over Mike Gordon’s thick bass. After a standard “Water in the Sky,” Gordon, dressed as a member of Kasvot Växt, got his chance at lead vocals for “555.”A laser focused “Tube” was knocked out of the park for the third time this tour as McConnell shared Clavinet funk that Anastasio bounced right back at him by way of heavy pedal effects and delays. The band took the “Tube” jam to a breezy, blissful place usually not associated with the funk monster. A well-executed return to the stupendous ending of “Tube” gave room for another chill first-set ballad in “Farmhouse.” “Mike’s Song” finally found a seat in Vegas on night four and left further proof that the quartet was collaborating on another level.McConnell slammed down on the Hammond B-3 to accentuate Anastasio’s stone-skipping riffs moving into the biggest bust out of the night in “Lifeboy.” Now that the deflated Curveball ticket holders have received their money back, the band felt it was okay to sing about not getting refunds and used this calming and soulful tune as the fluff between a “Mike’s Groove” sandwich–which hasn’t happened since 8/13/96 at Deer Creek. In a generation of Phish where the first set is as noteworthy as the second, “Weekapaug Groove” was an excellent choice to close out Set 8 of the all-star 2018 Halloween run. Chris Kuroda used his light rig wizardry to shine a multitude of colors on an ecstatic, behind-the-stage crowd while Anastasio closed out the high energy fan-favorite with a “Call to Post” quote.After a first set peppered with some of Phish’s more poetic pieces, the band returned for the final set of the run with a no-nonsense, grittier approach during “Carini.” Moving the sound from dark to spacey, Anastasio layered a hollow, echoey effect over Gordon’s meaty bass as Page hopped back and forth between organ and clav. Fishman’s alter ego from Friday night returned in the form of Bob Weaver and added chilling “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” lyrics to the 13-minute lumpy-headed tune. “46 Days” was played with added vigor and displayed a full-of-life band not quite ready to get off of the road.“Scents and Subtle Sounds” took the third spot and immediately nose-dived into interstellar Type II terrain. McConnell reminded the audience why his nickname is “Chairman of the Boards,” following a pedal-happy Anastasio as the core of the jam became light and bubbly. To close out the 15-minute “SASS,” the band shifted gears, creating an eerie tone that would kick off “Crosseyed and Painless.” Locked and loaded, Phish remained glued together during the heart of the Talking Heads cover jam and produce a filthy groove that got asses shaking. Whacking away at the cowbell, Fishman set up a cosmic connection with his bandmates as Kuroda casted sharp blue and white beams of light above the stage–creating a welcome party for an alien abduction.Now that the entire room felt like they were inside of a spaceship, “2001” kept the Saturday night sizzling, but didn’t achieve full lift-off outside of its usual flightpath. “Possum” produced more sweat dripping and air guitar playing from the crowd, but the true gem of the night was still to come. To bring Sin City’s ninth set to a close, the band unleashed a standout “Split Open and Melt” for the ages. A patient Phish allowed for some phenomenal crystallization to occur during this slow-building and diverse Type II titan. McConnell and Gordon etched deep synth and heavy bass during the first chunk of this haunting jam. Anastasio pounced around on his pedals to move the 21-minute piece into a more ambient space that eventually would exit the solar system before returning back to its usual constructs as if nothing had ever happened. Fans new and old were left face-planted, ass-handed and elevated before giving their favorite band one last applause to end another noteworthy second set.To express their gratitude and offer one more ballad to the appreciative crowd, “Wading In Velvet Sea” peacefully opened up the two-song encore for a show that nobody wanted to end. Closing on a rock note, “Character Zero” pumped up the arena one last time and Trey quoted the famous Bob Weaver by thanking the crowd “so fuckin’ much.”When someone tells their coworker, parent’s friend, distant relative or Tinder date that they are a Phish fan, they are likely to get bombarded with an abundance of questions. “Wait, you’re going fishing? Deep sea or freshwater? Don’t they just play the same song? They are like the Grateful Dead right?” What outsiders don’t understand is that the dedicated fan base spends their hard earned money and vacation time on so much more than a trip to a new city. Standard American party holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve are more like family reunions or life-changing monumental occasions. Where 100 shows would sound preposterous for the average music fan, it is simply a bookmark for members of the Phish community to begin their next 100 shows. They have strategic approaches for ticket purchasing, tour mapping, hotel rewards point, and secret dance moves. The conclusion of the 2018 Fall Tour in fabulous Las Vegas is yet another example of why fans continue flocking together across the globe in search of the next great “it” moment. Spectators at a Phish show aren’t just watching a concert, they are members of a community that celebrates faceplanting into rock.Only 54 days left until the first of four nights at Madison Square Garden…but who’s counting?Check out a gallery of photos from the show below via Phierce Photo by Keith Griner.Setlist: Phish | MGM Grand Garden Arena | La Vegas, NV |11/3/18SET 1: The Moma Dance, Kill Devil Falls > Roggae, Water in the Sky, 555 > Tube > Farmhouse, Mike’s Song > Lifeboy > Weekapaug GrooveSET 2: Carini > 46 Days > Scents and Subtle Sounds > Crosseyed and Painless > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Possum > Split Open and MeltENCORE: Wading in the Velvet Sea, Character ZeroPhish | MGM Grand Garden Arena | Las Vegas, NV | 11/3/18 | Photos: Phierce Photo by Keith Grinerlast_img read more

Boston Shines, thanks to many hands

first_imgMax Ritter is not yet 2 years old, but he’s already a veteran of helping Allston “shine.”“I came with him last year and carried him in my backpack,” said his mother, Gabrielle Ritter, herself a veteran participant of the annual Boston Shines event. “It’s a beautiful day, and [he] may as well get a sense of community early, right?”Gabrielle Ritter, a University and commercial leasing manager with Harvard Campus Services, was one of 75 volunteers from the Harvard community who turned out to pitch in and help their community on April 25. Now in its 12th year, Boston Shines is sponsored in part by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications (HPAC) and Harvard Real Estate Service (HRES). The citywide cleanup continued to attract folks from all over campus, including from Harvard athletics, Campus Services, Harvard Business School (HBS), Harvard Planning and Project Management  (HPPM), and the Harvard Innovation Lab.The group met at the Harvard Allston Ed Portal to receive assignments that included everything from picking up trash to planting flowers, sweeping sidewalks, and even applying fresh coats of paint to public benches. At Smith Field, Max Ritter may have been one of the youngest volunteers, but he was still among the 25 who gathered trash and raked up leaves.“He loves to rake,” confirmed his mother.On the other side of the park, Berley McKenna, assistant property manager with Harvard Real Estate, helped a group spread mulch at the Smith Field playground.“This is my fourth time at Boston Shines,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to get out of Cambridge, get in the sun, get in the community — we can say that we care, but showing that we care is so much better.”“We are so pleased at how many folks came ready to volunteer,” said Annie Tomasini, director of Intergovernmental Relations at Harvard. “Boston Shines was a perfect way for us to help make our community a better place to live and work.”A few blocks away, at the Honan-Allston Library, a team of volunteers got their hands dirty, raking leaves from a large copper beech tree in the children’s courtyard and weeding potted plants.“If there are some small things we can do to help out and make a space better, why not?” asked Melissa Burton, Web technologist with HBS. “This is my first year participating in Boston Shines, and it’s great. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a nice thing to do.”Nearby, Denis Collet, associate director of HBS Human Resources, said it was his third year showing up for Boston Shines.“Part of what makes it such a great event is the camaraderie of working on an effort together,” he said. “It’s also an opportunity to connect with members of the Harvard community we otherwise wouldn’t interact with — and of course it’s an opportunity to give back to the community we work in.”last_img read more


first_imgFor Georgians, fall-season family time often includes trips to the mountains to see the changing leaves and buy Georgia-grown apples.If you are ever overwhelmed by the variety of apples available for sale, here are some tips from University of Georgia Cooperative Extension to help you make wise choices this apple season and select varieties that can be preserved successfully.Apples taste best when they are at the peak of maturity. When selecting apples, remember that size does not determine maturity. Choose apples that are free of defects, such as bruises, skin breaks and decayed spots. Do not worry about “russeting,” which refers to the little brown spots on the skin of the apples. Russeting does not affect the quality of the fruit. Soft apples tend to have a mealy texture and overripe flavor, so choose hard, firm apples. Keep apples in a cool, dark place and do not tightly cover or wrap them. Use perforated plastic or an open paper bag, basket or wooden crate to keep apples at peak quality while you enjoy their fresh flavor. If refrigerated, place apples in the humidifier compartment or in a plastic bag with several holes punched in it. This protects the moisture and crispness of the apples. Do not refrigerate apples near foods that have strong odors, like onions, as they may acquire those odors. To preserve apples, be sure to choose them at their peak flavor and quality and determine the preservation method that fits your needs. This versatile fruit is deliciously dried, made into applesauce or apple butter, or combined with pears for apple-pear jam. Apples do not make the highest-quality slices when frozen or canned, but they may be preserved by these methods.   Choose the preservation method that best suits the apple variety, too. For freezing, use ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Rome Beauty’, ‘Stayman’, ‘Jonathan’ and ‘Granny Smith’ apples. For making applesauce or apple butter, use ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Rome Beauty’, ‘Stayman’, ‘Jonathan’, ‘Gravenstein’ and ‘McIntosh’. When making applesauce, apple butter or dried apple slices, it is important to process apples as soon as possible after they are harvested. ‘Red Delicious’ apples do not cook or freeze well, so they are best when eaten fresh.Choose high-quality apples, store them carefully and preserve your favorite varieties. Spreading apple butter on hot bread or eating a warm apple pie on a cold winter day is the reward for preserving apples.To find an apple orchard in Georgia, visit read more

Work has begun on the new Valamar Collection Marea Suites, which receives 5 * level facilities

first_imgValamar has started work on the new Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5 * hotel in the Borik area of ​​Poreč, which will welcome the 2019 season with 5 * level facilities. Valamar thus continues to develop the Borik zone through accommodation and the offer of more added value, and with this investment it plans to create 100 new jobs. The future Valamar Collection Marea Suites 5 * is designed for families with children and this investment will expand the offer of family vacations in Porec where guests will be able to enjoy V level services, luxury suites with sea views, more than 200 m2 attractive swimming pools, beaches, restaurants, sports facilities and Maro offer for children of all ages.Construction works have begun with the preparation of the construction site and the demolition of existing buildings, and part of the promenade along the beach will be fenced off from November 1, followed by construction and additional arrangement of the beach. Valamar points out that special care will be paid to arranging horticulture and planting new trees, plants and ornamental plants that are indigenous to the Istrian climate.The works have started according to plan, Valamar points out and emphasizes that they once again thank their fellow citizens for their understanding due to the limited access to this part of the promenade during the works during this autumn and winter. “Since 2017, HRK 4,6 million has already been invested in the beach in front of Valamar Pinia, in the arrangement of a sandy beach for families with small children, additional stairs to the sea, reconstruction of the protective embankment along the breakwater (schoolchildren), public lighting and showers, locker rooms , umbrellas, deck chairs and other equipment. Almost one million kuna was invested in Trattoria La Pentol in Borik, while 2,4 million kuna was invested in arranging the beach in front of the Pical hotel”They pointed out from Valamar. In 2019, Valamar Riviera continues with a strong investment cycle In 2019, Valamar Riviera continues with a strong investment cycle in the amount of HRK 752 million, which is a continuation of the company’s investment strategy in repositioning its portfolio towards high value-added offers and services.One of the major investments this year is certainly the repositioning of the current Istra Sunny Camping 2 * in Funtana in Poreč. This camp is entering the second phase of the investment to become a 5 * camping resort next season called Istra Premium Camping Resort and with the ambition to become one of the better camps in Europe.last_img read more

Lemax as a tourist export product: Leading Indonesian tour operator starts implementation of Croatian tourism software

first_imgAn interesting fact is that Lemax has only one product of its own, a unique software solution of its own, which is intended for travel agencies and tour operators. The cooperation with Panorama Destitanion continues the global market presence of Lemax, and after Asia Trails, this is another international success and export of Croatian knowledge.”We are proud that Panorama Destination has recognized the quality of our software solution and selected us as a partner for implementation in the global market. We are convinced that full integration will lead to the achievement of customers’ goals. ”  points out Mate Kostovski, director of Lemax. The realization of the contracted phases of Lemax software implementation will enable the Panorama Destination Group to respond faster and more efficiently to incoming inquiries, deliver current offers, faster and more accurate invoicing to customers, all thanks to a fully automated sales flow. Sales and marketing automation tools will increase revenue and profit, and the new automated questionnaire and inquiry confirmation process is expected to increase Panorama Destination’s booking capacity by as much as tenfold.  Lemax today has more than 120 users on all continents except Antarctica Lemax signed the largest single contract with Asian Trails travel agency in Thailand late last year to support the work of more than 700 employees with over 4000 partners and 8 markets that together cover almost a third of the world’s population, a big step towards opening the Asian market. They are also present in nine global markets, which include Iceland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Denmark, the United States, Italy and Mexico.  Mate Kostovski, director of Lemax / Photo: Lemax Lemax is web travel software that automates sales, marketing, operations and finance. For more than 20 years, the Croatian company has created and implemented software solutions for the tourism industry, offering digital business solutions to tour operators and destination management companies (DMC). Today, Lemax software is used by more than 120 users in more than 50 countries on six continents, with a total annual transaction value of € 1,35 billion. center_img RELATED NEWS: As they point out from Lemax, their software will provide greater automation in business, enabling the processing of more bookings with increased efficiency, faster invoicing and reporting, expanding sales channels and maximizing revenue. Lemax, an IT company that develops and sells Lemax software for travel agencies and tour operators in the global market, has started the software implementation process with the leading Indonesian tour operator Panorama Destination to enable the upgrade of the web-based back office system.  Panorama Destination is a leading Indonesian tour operator that TTG Asia, the most popular destination company for MICE, has named the best tour operator in Indonesia. Last year alone, more than 115.000 incoming tourists used the services of one of the group’s offices. Founded in 1999, they employ more than 500 tourism professionals and 250 licensed tour guides specializing in travel services in Indonesia. With branches in key tourist destinations in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores and Sulawesi, Panorama Destination provides a standardized service throughout the country that they want to modernize and adapt to new travel trends. MATE KOSTOVSKI, DIRECTOR OF LEMAX: WE HAVE ONLY ONE, OWN PRODUCT, AT THE SAME TIME RECOGNIZED ON THE GLOBAL MARKET AS THE LEADER IN THE INDUSTRYlast_img read more

Imperiled by new clusters, market vendors gear up for their health

first_imgWorking daily in a place deemed to pose a high risk of COVID-19 contagion, some traditional wet market vendors have taken precautions related to the viral outbreak, as they worry about their health as much as they do their financial struggles.Satibi, 39, has been wearing a face mask and gloves while butchering chickens during the pandemic, something he had never done since starting his business eight years ago in Rawasari Market in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. He said he always sprayed his money box with alcohol before tidying up his cash during the pandemic.“We are just human beings who are worried, just like others,” Satibi said. Read also: Indonesian wet markets carry high risk of virus transmissionSiti Purwani, a staple food vendor in Serdang Market in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, preferred to improve her immune system by consuming herbal drinks and vitamin C, aside from wearing a mask. She said she also relied on hand sanitizer, because wearing gloves would hinder her, for instance, when preparing bags of cooking oil.She also demanded that the market management deploy more officers to patrol the area and ban customers that belong to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and pregnant women, after she several times spotted them among market visitors during the pandemic.“Because [people] will listen better to officers without being offended, rather than to us, sellers who are ordinary people.”Some vendors have been facing a dilemma since the outbreak hit Jakarta in March: Running their business on site could increase the risk of infection, not only among themselves but also market visitors. But these traders need to make ends meet.About 3,244 vendors from 110 wet markets, out of more than 100,000 vendors in roughly 150 wet markets across the city, have provided a safer alternative to direct purchasing: a shop-from-home service allowing customers to purchase daily needs via phone call or text message. But many sellers have found it less successful because customers prefer to shop directly at the market.Siti and Nainggolan, for instance, said they attracted only up to five shop-from-home customers per week.Jakarta itself never fully closed its traditional markets during the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), but restricted their operations by banning vendors selling non-staple food from operating in markets.Read also: Bandung to close three markets after sellers tested positive for COVID-19And now Jakarta is transitioning to the so-called “new normal”, gradually easing the PSBB and reopening the economy, at the same time trying to prevent contagion with heightened health protocols.As of Monday, the Indonesian Traditional Market Traders Association (IKAPPI) had recorded 64 vendors in Jakarta having contracted the virus since the outbreak started, out of a total of 573 vendors nationwide having the virus, raising concern that new clusters may emerge as the country begins to ease the coronavirus curbs.The IKAPPI has issued a health protocol for vendors and market managers that includes guidelines on the distance between stalls, plastic curtains between traders and customers, body temperature checks and routine disinfecting since March. It has also established a task force to disseminate the protocol to traditional markets nationwide during the new normal period and ensure their compliance.IKAPPI chairman Dimas Hermadiyansyah, however, acknowledged many vendors nationwide were negligent about health protocols. He called on local governments to strictly impose the protocol to keep everyone in the markets safe.“Now that the Jakarta administration is easing restrictions, we are worried that traditional markets will become [a source of] infection because human-to-human interaction is high there,” he said.Read also: Sellers in markets, malls, required to wear masks, face shields and gloves in ‘new normal’: Trade MinistryNainggolan, another staple food vendor at Serdang Market, said he sometimes had to remind customers swarming in front of his stall to disperse.He said he was worried about contagion. Yet he said he had no option but to keep his business running during the outbreak that has financially hit most traditional vendors in Serdang Market as a result of fewer customers.As of Monday, 23 vendors at Serdang Market had contracted the virus, which Nainggolan believed to have been caused by an abundance of people flocking to the market a week before the Idul Fitri holiday.“Customer numbers surged by around 10 times. The worst was three days before Idul Fitri,” Nainggolan said, suggesting the market management enforce stricter control ahead of the Idul Adha (Day of Sacrifice) holiday in late July.Following reports that jostling crowds at traditional markets remained, Pasar Jaya imposed an odd-even kiosk number policy starting on Monday during the new normal period. The policy allows odd-numbered kiosks to open only on odd dates and even-numbered kiosks to open on even dates.Epidemiologist Windhu Purnomo suggested local governments issue more prevention measures at traditional markets with strict enforcement to prevent new infections, at the same time not putting aside their livelihood.Topics : Satibi said he was particularly concerned about being infected after 14 fellow vendors tested positive last week, prompting Jakarta-owned market operator Pasar Jaya to close down the market for three consecutive days for disinfectant spraying.But even though he had been wearing personal protective equipment, he said he sometimes loosened his mask to breathe fresh air when no customers were around, as it was hot and stuffy inside the building.He found that patrolling officers — the market’s internal security guards, as well as military and police personnel — were not present all the time to remind sellers and customers to implement health protocols.”It would be nice if everyone in the market voluntarily complied with these protocols,” Satibi said.last_img read more

Total E&P UK head to retire after 38 years of service

first_imgManaging director of Total E&P UK will be retiring shortly after nearly forty years of working for Total.Total said on Wednesday that Elisabeth Proust, the managing director of Total E&P UK, would retire following 38 years of service.Proust began her career as a junior drilling supervisor with Elf Aquitaine, now Total, in 1980. An engineer by profession, she worked as one of the company’s development engineering and project management specialists, which led to her appointment as the first female vice president for development engineering for Total worldwide.Later in her career, she held several senior leadership roles as a managing director of Total’s affiliates in Indonesia, Nigeria and finally, the UK.During her three years in Aberdeen, Proust led the completion of the West of Shetland Laggan Tormore project in February 2016 followed with the completion of the Edradour Glenlivet fields in August 2017.In Aberdeen, Proust oversaw the drilling on Total’s Elgin Franklin asset, which contributed to Total E&P UK’s operated production exceeding 250,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2017.Most recently, she oversaw the relocation of Total’s Aberdeen office to a more modern facility that was opened by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in December 2017.Proust also served on the boards of Oil and Gas UK, the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, and the Oil and Gas Authorities’ Technology Leadership Board.Michael Borrell, Total’s senior vice president for the North Sea and Russia, said: “I’d like to thank Elisabeth for her contribution to Total throughout her career and especially the tireless work over the last three years in the UK. Under her leadership Total E&P UK reduced its operating costs by 30%, completed major investment projects west of Shetland and restructured its business to improve focus on asset safety and production.”Also, following Total’s recent acquisition of Maersk Oil, managing director of Maersk Oil UK Morten Kelstrup decided to move on and take the position of chief commercial and innovation officer at Maersk Drilling.Total added that the new managing director for the combined entities of Total E&P UK and Maersk Oil UK would be announced shortly.last_img read more

No football Facility to Host Football Tournament.

first_imgNewsSports No football Facility to Host Football Tournament. by: – March 16, 2011 Tweet Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Share 36 Views   no discussions President of the football association Mr. Patrick John says not having football fields available for footballers have not only reduced the amount of teams coming from Roseau but has also deathened the opportunity of hosting one of the five football game tournaments in Dominica.He continued to say that he was not against any other games like cricket which has stopped any other games to be played at the Windsor Park Stadium from January to August because of the test matches coming up, but has argued that there should be another facility for games like football, netball and so on. Mr. John says that at least one game should be hosted at home.By: Grace HendersonPhoto Credit: Fifa.comlast_img read more