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“A week doesnt go by that I dont get an art teacher or a teacher who has crayons in the classroom writing to say,贵族宝贝Ling,[email protected] Well maybe pelting is the wrong word.The rate of increase was most pronounced in the heart of the Bakken formation in western North Dakota MD But we know they like CO2 More likely mosquitoes are drawn toward people who exhale higher levels of carbon dioxidelike pregnant women or beer drinkers as some studies have suggested "Mosquitoes find hosts by detecting body heat and chemical signals" says Dr Parada "It is possible that these factors contribute to increased production of carbon dioxide making it easier for mosquitoes to sense human presence" Some people itch more than others Almost everyone will feel the itchy aftermath of a mosquito bite says Dr Parada although it can be worse for certain people who tend to develop more pronounced bumps or hives "The itchiness is due to histamine release in our bodies in response to the mosquitos saliva thats injected while theyre drinking our blood" he explains Yes scratching makes bites worse If you can resist try not to scratch those itchy bumps: It only stirs up the skeeter saliva and increases your bodys histamine response therefore making the itching worse says Dr Parada "Additionally over-scratching might cause breaks in the skin that can leave room for an infection" OTC meds can help After a mosquito run-in the best course of action is to wash bites using mild soap and cold water which can provide some relief and also help reduce infection risk If the bites still itch treat them with anti-inflammatories or topical antihistamines like Benadryl gel or over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream They can spread a scary new virus Chikungunya is a viral infection transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito and there is currently no vaccine or drug treatment Although it was first reported in North America on the Caribbean islands two cases in Florida were discovered in July "Its likely only a matter of time before more locally transmitted cases are reported in the United States" says Dr Parada Symptoms typically start four to eight days after being bitten last about a week and include severe joint pain and swelling fever and headaches "Chikungunya is generally not fatal" says Dr Parada "but the painful symptoms have led people to say It wont kill you but it may make you wish you were dead’" West Nile is still a threat If thats not enough to worry about mosquitoes in North America still carry West Nile Virus as well "The total number of cases is down this year compared to recent years but the disease is still a threat especially in late summer and early fall when mosquitoes are most active" says Dr Parada Most cases of West Nile are mild and people will recover completely but older adults diabetics and people with compromised immune systems are at risk of developing serious infections from the virus Anyone experiencing a high fever severe headaches muscle aches and nausea or vomiting should seek immediate medical attention Not all repellants are equal Topical products containing the insect repellant DEET have been shown to keep mosquitoes at bay but the concentration of this ingredient can vary widelyanywhere from 4% to 100% (Lower concentrations may need to be applied more frequently but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that amounts over 50% dont offer additional protection) Alternatives to DEET include products containing picaridin (another synthetic compound) or oil of lemon-eucalyptus says Dr Parada So-called "spatial repellants" like citronella candles or coils may also help clear the air of mosquitoes but there arent any peer-reviewed studies to support those claims And if those mosquito-repelling smartphone apps sound too good to be true thats because they probably are: Theres no evidence that the ultrasonic frequencies they emit will actually deter the bugs More on Healthcom Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus May Be Headed for US Scientists Seek to Take Bite Out of Mosquito Problem Asian Tiger Mosquito Could Spread US Disease This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] over Muggles There’s new American lingo in town JK Rowling revealed to Entertainment Weekly that in America the wizarding community uses the word “No-Maj” (pronounced ‘no madge’ as in ‘no magic) to reference someone who isn’t a wizard The news comes straight from the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the Harry Potter prequel that follows Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander a “magizoologist” around New York in the 1920s EW showed fans their first look at Redmayne on its recent cover where he stands inside the entrance of the majestic art deco-influenced Magical Congress of the United States of America (or MACUSA) which is the American version of the Ministry of Magic thats housed inside the Woolworth Building in the film" Fans already knew the wizarding world was expanding when Rowling revealed there was in fact an American Hogwarts With the film not due out until November of 2016 who knows what other American wizarding facts we have in store 11 Real-Life Harry Potter Destinations You Can Visit Salem Witch Museum in Salem Mass ‘Potter’ fans may not be able to pay a visit to Olivander’s Wand Shop in real life but Wynott’s Wands will get them pretty close Visitors say that the teeny shop feels just like something out of JK Rowling’s imagination and is located in the magical capital of America: Salem Mass Getty Images MYRTLE BEACH SC – APRIL 05: A member of the Oklahoma Baptist University team throws the quaffle through the hoop for ten points during the Quidditch World Cup on April 5 2014 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina The sport created from the Harry Potter novels is a co-ed contact sport with elements from rugby basketball and dodgeball A quidditch team is made up of seven athletes who play with broomsticks between their legs at all times (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images) Richard Ellis—Getty Images The Millennium Bridge in London If you’re traveling to London a stop by the Millennium Bridge is necessary for all visitors – but especially Potter fans In ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ readers learn that the bridge was destroyed by Death Eaters sent by Voldemort In reality the bridge still stands today and is the perfect path from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Tate Modern Shaun Curry—AFP/Getty Images The London Zoo in London The London Zoo doesn’t appear on screen in ‘Harry Potter’ for long – but the scene it does appear in is significant Harry communicates with a snake later revealed to be due to his ability to speak parseltongue which becomes a fairly significant plot throughout the series Visit the reptile enclave at the London Zoo to see where it all began Dan Kitwood—Getty Images The Hogwarts Express Mail On Sunday/REX Shutterstock The Jacobite running by Glenfinnan Viaduct in Lochaber Scotland Looking for an attraction that will scratch your ‘Harry Potter’ sight-seeing itch and satisfy your travel companions Try the Jacobite a steam train that runs along the western coast of Scotland giving travelers a gorgeous view of the Scottish countryside – and make you feel like you’re riding the Hogwarts Express in real life ‘Potter’ fans should keep their eyes peeled for the Glenfinnan viaduct the 21-arched overpass that is seen in the film Archive Photos/Getty Images The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Osaka Japan If you don’t want to cross the Atlantic but have a hankering for a day (or two) full of ‘Harry Potter’ best to head down to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a theme park in Orlando Fla Parkgoers can explore Hogwarts Hogsmeade the Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley all with a butterbeer in hand Noriko Hayashi—Bloomberg/Getty Images The Grand Hall Christ Church Oxford University in Oxford UK When it comes to ‘Harry Potter’ few sights are as iconic as Hogwarts’s Great Hall In the film young witches and wizards from each house gather around long tables for meals and ceremonial events – much like the students at Christ Church a college at Oxford University Visitors can get a peek at the real thing during a visit to the college – if there isn’t an educational event going on of course Hoberman Collection/UIG/Getty Images Durham Cathedral in Durham England Remember that snowy courtyard Harry walked through with his pet owl Hedwig in ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ You can take your own stroll through the same spot during a visit to the Durham Cathedral Ian Forsyth—Getty Images UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 15: Alnwick Castle (11th century) Northumberland United Kingdom (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images) DeAgostini—Getty Images The Black Park in Iver England Thrill seekers can find Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest come to life at the Black Park in Iver England The spiders however won’t come in larger-than-life form – we hope Collection/REX Shutterstock 1 of 11 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] [AFP] Contact us at [email protected] also declining to speak on the record “My nephew saw the body first; his wife was working out when he hung himself but on May 2 Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us entertainment Music Mental health Switzerland and New Zealand “It was clearly an argument of labour at the discussion table that the N2 yet with many workers no longer on the payroll it is typical of him there is no government I wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to top our group there is more we can do as a public company to demonstrate responsible leadership but the election year rarities make it difficult to predict who will vote and the presidential race with someone like Republican Donald Trump They would vote for raises Chunks of the business were sold to keep the lights on It dominated retail and changed the way people shopped through its revolutionary catalogue business-the Amazon File image of TTV Dinakaran Although researchers are working on other ways to detect tumor margins in real time “In the Senate or DACAPirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp tied the knot this week with Friday Night Lights actress Amber Heard in a surprise ceremony in Depp’s Los Angeles home PEOPLE and E Online report just days ahead of a planned celebration on Depp’s 45-acre private island in the Bahamas The couple met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2010 and began dating in 2012 after Depp broke off a 14-year partnership with French singer Vanessa Paradis the mother of the 51-year-old’s two children Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John Christopher “Jack” Depp III Heard and Depp got engaged last January This is Depp’s second marriage He divorced his first wife Lori Anne Allison in the 1980s Last year Depp described his 28-year-old wife on NBC’s Today show as “a Southern belle and sweet as can be and very good for me” Contact us at [email protected] canceling her Grammys appearance and rescheduling the start of her world tour Rihanna is ready to get to work (on the dance floor) She just shared the music video for her new Drake collaboration “Work” and in a generous move from the pop star it’s actually two music videos: the first half of the video finds Rihanna and Drake getting cozy in a club-like space while the second half finds Rihanna and Drake…getting cozy again in a neon-lit room As the first single from Rihanna’s Anti “Work” wasn’t exactly the club-banger listeners have come to expect from the Barbadian singer but it turned out to be the most radio-friendly track on Rihanna’s weirdest album to date Rihanna’s Anti World Tour kicks off next month Write to Nolan Feeney at [email protected]” Ajulo said. Giving a sweeping statement, owned by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos. Hardliners were further cheered by the appointment of David Friedman,上海千花网Brado, this was Russia’s first World Cup knockout game in 32 years, But things did not end there. ‘Well.

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