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first_imgNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration experts spoke Thursday at the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa about potential historic spring flooding. This was the first time the team led their efforts from Tuscaloosa.Director of the National Water Center Ed Clark said that unfortunately the violent storms, dangerous winds and heavy rain are far from over.“The major flooding that we have already experienced across the lower Missouri and to the lower Mississippi Valley is a preview for what we expect through the rest of the spring. In fact, we expect flooding will get worse and more widespread in the coming months,” Clark said.NOAA’S spring flood outlook helps people prepare for flood threats. 200 million people across the US are at risk for minor flooding, 40 million for moderate and 13 million for a major flood event.Director of Office of Water Prediction Thomas Graziano said Alabama is one of the states at risk.“If we get any more events which I’m sure we will during the course of the spring, where we get significant rainfall we’re going to see significant runoff, elevated flows. And if we get enough rainfall and runoff we’re going to see additional flooding,” GrazianoThe upcoming rainfall may cause a potentially historic spring flood threat.Director of National Water Center Darone Jones said floods may be the worst Alabama has seen since 1993.“It’s been an above normal, greatly above normal, precipitation year here. Just looking back at the end of February we had 6 to 10 in of rain through parts of Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama,” Jones.NOAA and the National Water Center want to make sure everyone stays safe.“Just being vigilant and being prepared. Because it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when,” Jones said.Ed Clarks recommends monitoring flooding conditions in your area at

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