Speedrunner Beats Resident Evil 7 on Hardest Difficulty With Only a Knife

first_imgStay on target Resident Evil 7 Coming to Switch Thanks to the Power of the CloudGame of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Actual Games of the Year (2017) As you would expect, some speedrunners have already blasted their way through Resident Evil 7. Most have completed the game on easy mode using special weapons. This wasn’t good enough for one speedrunner who decided to make things more challenging for themselves. Not only did they turn the difficulty all the way up, but managed to plow through with only a knife.Resident Evil 7 has three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Madhouse. Madhouse makes enemies more resilient to damage and makes your main character weaker. The locations of key items have been rearranged, and one can only save their progress with VHS tapes. The regular game is hard enough, but Madhouse is downright brutal. That didn’t deter YouTuber and speedrunner Quizzle from accomplishing the seemingly impossible.Finishing Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse with only a knife in record time is impressive on its own. To make us all feel like lesser gamers, Quizzle manages to set this record without dying once. This is actually crucial to the speedrun since the in-game timer doesn’t stop when one dies. Quizzle’s final time is 2:49:13 — seven minutes faster than his first attempt. Very impressive!Most of us will probably not be able to replicate this speedrun. However, watching the video is very helpful for showing people how to play Resident Evil 7 more efficiently. Personally, I don’t want to try to top this record, but I do want to beat the game in less than four hours to get the buzz saw. I intend to use this overpowered weapon to finish Madhouse. Yeah, I’m a punk, but I’ve always admitted my cowardice when it comes to playing this game.Quizzle may have set a world record for now but don’t be surprised if he eventually bests his own time. Others will no doubt rise up to claim this prestigious honor for themselves. We wish anyone attempting this specific speedrun good luck. They’re going to need it.last_img

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