Strictly Business A short way to happier customers

first_imgAt the risk of revealing my true inner self (as an old woman who is crabby and Andy Rooney-like), don’t you just hate when the sales clerk hands you a 1-foot-long receipt for a one-item purchase?You can only relate if you’re like me and save every receipt. Each one gets carefully folded over in triplicate (and sometimes quadruplicate) and stuffed into my checkbook-style billfold, increasing the pressure on its little snap closure as the paper piles up.By the end of the week, my wallet is so stuffed with receipts that it looks like George’s exploding wallet (as in George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander. You know, he was Jerry Seinfield’s sidekick from the 1990s sitcom, “Seinfeld.” Oh, just look up “George’s exploding wallet” on YouTube.)Told you, I’m crabby and old.Anyway, I got to thinking maybe those retailers would cut back on the length of receipts if they could see how irritating it is to customers. If it annoys you, be sure to let the CEO know. I mean, what business wants to tick off its clients?Even a business that doesn’t really care about its customers may cut down its store receipt lengths if doing so made a significant difference to the bottom line. I mean, we’re all watching that these days, right?last_img

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