New COP RC45 hammer combines technical performance with lighter weight

first_imgFast and accurate grade control is the key to an effective mineral extraction process and ultimately to mining productivity and profitability. That’s why Atlas Copco Secoroc says it has opted to extend its RC hammer range with the COP RC45 – which it claims is “the smallest, lightest and fastest reverse circulation hammer ever.”The 120 mm (4.5 in) COP RC45 reverse circulation hammer features a revolutionary new design. “Since it is 40% shorter than the nearest competitor and more than 30% lighter than most hammers doing the same job, one man can easily handle the hammer by himself.” The COP RC45 hammer also works with an extremely high impact frequency – up to 52 Hz at 30 bar. This is possible thanks to a unique air chamber design. Much smaller air chambers build up pressure faster and make the piston strike at a much faster rate. The marginally lower impact force is more than compensated for by the much higher impact frequency. Tests have shows excellent penetration rates in all types of rock – also in difficult rock formations.Like the RC 50, the COP RC45 hammer features Atlas Copco Secoroc’s unique tube retention system. This design allows fast and easy service, and tubes are quickly replaced without disassembling the hammer. The company says this means less time servicing the hammer, and more time producing samples. Atlas Copco Secoroc says it has all the technical features to help users reach their sampling goals but while handling a much lighter weight.last_img

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