PlayBook OS 2 shown off adds full handset remote control and display

first_imgRIM knows that they need to wow users with the impending PlayBook OS 2 update. It’s set to arrive any day now, and there are scores of folks who purchased the deeply-discounted PlayBooks who can’t wait to get their mitts on the new software — not to mention early adopters who paid more than double for their tablets.At DevCon Europe today, RIM showed off some slick new additions that hadn’t been previously mentioned. BlackBerry Bridge is gaining some additional functionality in PlayBook OS 2. For starters, RIM has added remote control abilities. You’ll be able to enter text using your beloved BlackBerry phone’s QWERTY keypad instead of relying on the on-screen one on the PlayBook (which is also much-improved in the OS 2 update). You’ll also be able to use your phone as a pointing device. That may not sound all that cool, but there’s more to the story.Also added to Bridge is a presentation mode that allows you to run apps on your BlackBerry phone and wirelessly push video to the PlayBook’s display. It makes for a handy way to run presentations from your phone, demo apps to a friend or business colleague, or simply enjoy a larger-screen view of your favorite games that don’t have a PlayBook version available.RIM demonstrated a few more features that were previously known, such as the native calendar and contact apps. And, like Apple did in iOS 5, there’s a little bit of baked-in social networking coming in the PlayBook update.All that remains now is for RIM to begin pushing the software to PlayBook users, but that probably won’t happen until the end of next week at the earliest. When RIM hit up Android devs to get their apps submitted to App World, they asked for them to be in by the 13th. February 17th has been mentioned in some rumors as the day the update will drop, and that would make sense — since it gives RIM a few days to pump some additional apps into their store.More at Pocket Lintlast_img read more