EA to offer persistent cloud profiles across games

first_imgOf all the video game publishers out there, EA is the one that pushes regular new releases of its most popular games the hardest. Sports games in particular almost always get a new version on a yearly basis, and somehow manage to offer up enough features to tempt us into buying the next game.The only problem with these annual game updates, apart from the cost to the gamer, is it usually involves the player starting again in the game. All those hours spent building up a character or a team are lost, and you have to do it all over again. For the most part that may be enjoyable, but if you just purchase to get the most up-to-date names and rules, then it soon becomes a chore.AdChoices广告That problem is now set to solved according to EA Sports president Peter Moore. During a talk at the MI6 video game marketing conference, he discussed plans to introduce persistent profiles for particular game series, and rewards for playing multiple games in a given series.What that means is, if you buy a FIFA 11 or Madden 11, for example, any work you do with a team or individual characters will be stored in the cloud rather than just on your console’s hard drive. Then, when you buy FIFA 12 or Madden 12, the new game recognizes you have previous game data to use. This could give you a head start in the game, and also reward you because you are a loyal player.At the moment there is no time scale for implementing this system, but EA won’t take too long to get it working otherwise they wouldn’t be talking about it. I bet it will appear very quickly if they can tie it in to Project Ten Dollar somehow.Also, don’t think this will just be limited to sports games, as sequels of any game may benefit from such persistence. If not for gameplay, then at least for rewards in the form of DLC or unique virtual items.via Joystiqlast_img read more