Google reportedly set to release home entertainment system

first_imgIt can be fascinating to watch young and über-successful companies over time. After finding monumental success in one area, will they try to expand, or will they be content to own one market? Google is a great example. After taking over web search last decade, the company quickly expanded into email, pseudo-VoIP calling, social networking, and smartphone operating systems.This latest move by Google could be one of the biggest leaps that the company has taken. A new report says that the company is set to develop a home entertainment system, which would be designed, manufactured, and branded by Google. Yes, you read that correctly: Google is going into consumer product manufacturing.The device, which has been spearheaded by the company’s Android team, would be focused on wireless music streaming. It would let users stream Google Music to Google wireless speakers(?) and other future media products. It could be easily controlled by Android phones and tablets.The report says that other media could also be streamed, so perhaps it would somehow provide a gateway for TV and movie content as well. Google’s previous effort on that front, Google TV, hasn’t gained much traction with customers. Unlike the Home Entertainment System, Google only provides the software platform for Google TV devices; it doesn’t manufacture them.Manufacturing home products is a major shift for Google, and it helps to explain the company’s purchase of Motorola (which is expected to be approved soon). Since taking over as CEO, Larry Page has taken the company in a more Apple-like direction: cutting down on Google’s projects, focusing more on design, and now controlling the product end-to-end with manufacturing. In Walter Isaacson’s biography Steve Jobs, it was revealed that Page visited Jobs during his final months to seek advice on running a company.The Google Android Entertainment System (not likely the actual name) is likely an offshot of the [email protected] platform that was introduced at Google I/O last May (pictured above-right). It too streamed music to wirelessly-connected speakers, and could be controlled by Android phones and tablets.There isn’t yet any release or pricing info on the device.via Wall Street Journallast_img read more