Murder suspect of 14-year-old caught in barrel

first_imgInvestigators made a breakthrough in the murder case of Malika Hamilton, 14, after they arrested the prime suspect.Alvin Reid called “Satan” was wanted for questioning but managed to evade the Police for the past week.According to Police, “Ranks of the Guyana Police Force in the early hours of (Thursday) morning have apprehended the prime suspect in relation to the alleged murder of Malika Hamilton… The suspect, who managed to elude the Police in the past, was found hiding in a barrel in the Ann’s Grove cemetery,” the Police said.Two days ago, Reid appeared on a local television station and denied having anything to do with the teenager’s murder. “Me aint kill nobody,” he declared, while adding “the ‘mount of allegations they get at the station for me, I had to move.”The man further claimed that he saw the young woman on the night she went missing but at the time, there was no news of her disappearance.“She cross the canal in a boat with us and after then, she left and say she going by she grandmother in Hope and me never see she back… when I heard about this girl is when they find she dead but I spoke to the mother ‘cause the mother ask me if I see Malika and I said yes, I see Malika. Malika cross in a boat with we and say she going by she grandmother and me never see she back,” the suspect disclosed during the interview on Tuesday.The body of the young girl was found in a canal at Hope, East Coast Demerara, on August 9. The post-mortem revealed that she was strangled and sustained blunt trauma to the head.It is believed that the teenager might have been strangled and struck to the head before she was thrown into the canal. Due to the fact that the post-mortem listed the cause of death as drowning, it is believed that the teenager was alive when she was thrown overboard.The young girl was last seen the night before in the company of two boys who told her family that they dropped her off at a canal in the village, claiming that she wanted to visit her grandmother.However, the young woman never made it to her grandmother’s house.last_img read more