Mini golf today is more than 12 holes and concrete slabs, today mini golf is a real experience and attraction

first_imgThe World Minigolf Championship for the Deaf, which is being held for the first time in Croatia and in the world, and the World Adventure Golf Master Championship, which brought together competitors from five continents, officially opened with a solemn ceremony on Friday night.The competitive part of both championships starts on Monday, September 11 and will last for two days, and the Croatian national team is also fighting for the title of the best. “This is the seventh Adventure Golf Master in which the largest number of competitors from different countries participates and has gathered the best golfers in the world. It is a great pleasure for us to play on great pitches that are located in a great environment. ” said Mislav Bjazic, president of the Croatian Golf Association.In addition to the World Minigolf Championship for the Deaf and the Adventure Golf Master, the World Minigolf Championship is next week at the Zaton Holiday Resort (September 20-23). “The best golfers came to Zaton Holiday Resort and we are proud to have fulfilled the initial goal, which is the participation of competitors from five continents and to connect all people in this way. We are happy that the team from Ghana, despite the visa problems, finally managed to come and participate. ” said Gerhard Zimmerman, president of the World Minigolf Federation.However, the story has already begun to develop well through various extensions, but the important point and message is how it came about. It was created out of a desire for such important quality content.Mini golf today is more than 12 holes and concrete slabs, today mini golf is a real experience and attractionIt is sometimes difficult to describe the experiences in words, so for me at the moment, to describe what Zaton Adventure Golf looks like, I am attaching pictures. As I have personally been to these stories, I can confirm with certainty that playing mini golf with the family in this setting was a real experience and an unforgettable experience, especially the drawbridge ride with my son. Experiences are remembered, and I remember Zaton. When I see those old concrete mini golf courses in our destinations today, darkness falls on my eyes, not to mention that most of them have not been renovated for years. But mini golf from the eighties has evolved into a real small town of experience and fun.Zaton Adventure Golf has miniature replicas of cultural and historical monuments on each of the 18 holes, from amphorae, the remains of a Roman temple from Nin, the Kaštelina tower to all the churches of St. Nikola, and Zaton Adventure Golf is the first competition course with an official license in Croatia. “Continuous investment in raising the quality of the tourist offer of the settlement as well as in the creation of new facilities is a sure direction towards strengthening before and after the season. By investing in mini golf courses, we have opened the way to a new tourist segment. It is worth mentioning that the Germans, our most numerous guests, are the number one golf nation”Said Ivo Bobić, director of the settlement.At the beginning of the year, the Grand Prix championship in mini golf was organized, and the above-mentioned World Minigolf Championship for the Deaf is underway, as well as the World Adventure Golf Master Championship, which serve as additional values ​​and certainly one of the good links for extending the tourist season and additional earnings. . I constantly emphasize, so to repeat the material, the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a diverse, high quality and authentic content of a tourist destination.With the construction of two new mini golf courses, Zaton has become a unique center of its kind in the world, the only location with 3 types of courses; Miniature, Adventure and Felt Golf, and Zaton Adventure Golf investment is worth about two million kuna.Also, what is especially exciting is that the entire Mini golf course is unique because it tells an authentic story about the destination through the positioning of tourist facilities / symbols. By playing mini golf you can get acquainted with authentic features such as Nin Cathedral, Old Croatian ship Condura Croatica, Glagolitic alphabet, Kaštelina Tower, ancient port of Nin, ancient crane, millstone, etc. ako and if you get acquainted with the story, then you want to experience it live .Experience, experience and only a quality experience is the only recipe for long-term success, and modern mini golf courses are certainly all that – great additional quality content and experience.last_img read more

Asset managers urged to ‘talk openly’ in support of LGBT+ staff

first_imgThe ‘+’ after the LGBT acronym is intended to capture the other ways in which people can define their gender and sexuality, such as asexual, intersex or questioning. Investment management employers should talk openly about themselves to encourage a positive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) staff, according to the Investment Association (IA).The UK asset management trade body set out a number of actions to help companies recruit, support and retain LGBT+ staff, in a new report published this week. “For young people, starting their professional lives can be a steep and challenging learning curve,” the IA said. “One judgment they will make is whether to share their non-work life with colleagues.“Whether LGBT+ or not, employers should set a positive example by talking openly about themselves and their life outside work, and take an interest if someone says they are LGBT+.” Credit: Matias AltbachThe Pride celebrations in LondonPublished just a few days before the Pride in London march this weekend, the report – titled Do you remember the first time? – drew on the experiences of LGBT+ professionals who were asked about their first time coming out in the investment management industry and what encouraged them to come out.In the parade this weekend firms from across the investment management industry will for the first time march together under an IA banner, the association said.Other recommendations in the IA’s report included that companies should “hardwire” diversity into the recruitment process by being “clear and unambiguous” in job adverts about welcoming LGBT+ applicants specifically, and take LGBT+ people seriously at work by ensuring they have policies on the issues affecting them, including a dedicated one for trans inclusion. Employers should also publicly pledge to honour LGBT+ inclusion as part of company culture, the association said.Chris Cummings, chief executive of the IA, said: “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people make an immeasurable contribution to society, the City and investment management. Their lived experiences enrich our industry and their voices, opinions and experiences help investment performance, widen horizons and discourage groupthink.“Our new report showcases some investment managers’ pioneering work in LGBT+ inclusion and encouraging LGBT+ people to feel welcome and celebrate being unashamedly themselves at work.”The report builds on experiences and observations conveyed in ‘Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work’, a report the IA published last year on the LGBT+ experience in asset management.The association is also working to improve representation of black people in the industry, with fewer than 1% of asset managers in the UK identifying as black, African or Caribbean. Last month Willis Towers Watson’s Thinking Ahead institute said that diversity and inclusion would be the main factor in shaping working environments in the asset management sector in years to come.Do you know these terms?Ally: An ally is somebody who does not identify as LGBT+ but supports equal civil rights, gender equality, LGBT+ social movements, and challenges homophobia and transphobia.Cisgender: Cisgender is a term for people who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.Intersectionality: This term considers various characteristics, such as sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven.Transgender: A term for an individual who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.last_img read more

Greensburg Rotarians raise $3,000 for Special Olympics

first_imgGreensburg, Ind. — The Greensburg Rotary Club recently raised $3,000 for Decatur County Special Olympics with a euchre tournament.The money is used to provide safe transportation for about 45 special Olympians to the Indiana Special Olympics State Games in Terre Haute each year.The next euchre tournament will be held in February of 2018.last_img