How to Promote your Brand with Influencers on Pinterest

first_img Tumblr on April 2, 2019 Google+ Facebook By CBN Share. Pinterest Among the social media channels that are currently trending there is Pinterest. But unlike Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram there are no social feeds. Pinterest is about encouraging its users to pin (or save)  images they like on their boards and wait for people to see them. If people like them, they will in turn pin them on their own boards. It should be noticed that the majority of views on Pinterest comes from search. Indeed, people search for depicting images on topics of their choice and follow the boards that interest them. From that perspective, Pinterest can be compared to a search engine.The images that Pinterest users share are often images of items or products that they have or want to buy. Thus, Pinterest can be used as a sales tool for retailers. And like on most social media, Pinterest has influencers who can notify their followers about the images they have pinned. Seeing the interest of the Pinterest expert for the product, their reaction would be to try to buy the item in turn. The importance for brands to work with influencers on Pinterest or Pinterest marketing experts becomes obvious. Even more so when you consider that this platform has more than  250 million users.Finding the Right Pinterest Influencers for Your BrandFirst, you should know that a Pinterest pin lasts longer than a tweet or a Facebook post. While they disappear down in people’s feed in a matter of minutes, the average pin still has a half life of 3 and a half months. and in some cases years.This means that it continues to be looked at during this period and have chances to be repinned again.For your Pinterest marketing campaign to be effective, you will have to do more than to search for a Pinterest influencer that has many followers. You will have to find an influencer that will naturally fit with your brand. In order to find this rare gem, take the time to study Pinterest influencers persona, know who they are and the type of content they usually share.The followers number of a Pinterest marketing expert has little importance as the platform relies mostly on micro-influencers. According to Pinterest, micro-influencers have about 500 to 5,000 followers. The enthusiasm they put in pinning relevant and interesting content to a board about a particular niche has allowed them to build a solid reputation and especially established a strong loyalty with their public. A macro-influencer is a person who has 10, 000 to 1,000,000 followers. However, they do not share the same enthusiasm as micro-influencers and this has an impact on engagement rates. In general, macro-influencers have 5–25% engagement rates compared to micro-influencers who have 25–50% engagement.In short, the more fervent the influencer is and the more he fits with your brand, the more likely you are to promote your brand on Pinterest successfully.How to work with Pinterest marketing influencersAccording to Paula Coop McCrory a Pinterest influencer, brands should clearly explain what they expect of the influencer and accordingly influencers should understand their analytics and audience. Contrarily to other social media platforms where the reputation of the influencer plays a major role, Pinterest focuses more on the quality of the content. As a matter of fact, photos of a product posted or shared on Facebook or Twitter by an influencer is of little importance as it is immediately perceived as good by the followers.While Pinterest experts take time to create a good content: high-quality images and appealing text. This rigour to create a relevant post is necessary as a pin can still be found several months later. So, to attract the interest of searchers you have to trust the Pinterest expert’s creative imagination. To help the creative mind of your influencers, send them free products. If they really like your products, they will most likely create content and pin images that will make them more attractive.The other things that a Pinterest marketing expert can do for your campaignPinterest relies mainly on images, it is therefore essential that they be engaging and of high-quality. They also must create a particular emotion, for example, hunger if you are a food brand. It is preferable to position images on Pinterest vertically with a 2:3 or 1:3.5 aspect ratio. You can also use multiple photos on a single image to create more impact. Pinterest influencers often use Rich Pins, these are special pins that include extra information. There are six types of Rich Pins: product, recipes, articles and app.Pinterest search engine, like other search engines, relies on keywords to provide relevant results. Thus, Pinterest content should be created with SEO in mind. In addition, pins are more than just images. Pinterest leaves up to 500.characters to write a text to go with the pin. In order to be well ranked in Pinterest search engine, the next must be SEO-friendly. An influencer expert knows all that and will make sure that your Pinterest campaign works as well as possible.Author bio:Nicolas Finet is the Co-founder of – an online solutions company which helps customers to find the best marketing agencies in the UK.Follow him on Twitter @nifinet!center_img E-Headlines 0 Twitter LinkedIn How to Promote your Brand with Influencers on Pinterest Emaillast_img read more